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Backyard Shed Office

Could you make this type of shed without using any woodworker plans? I think it can be done if you are an experienced DIY person, and it is not your first woodwork project. However, any other regular guy in order to build it safe he should follow a written plan that will guide him step by step to backyard shed building.

Though I have some experience in woodworking, if I had to build this, I would buy a set of woodworker plans to follow. My recent backyard project was building an outdoor shed for my wife. At first looking in the woodworker plans I planned making a standard wooden backyard shed. While going over the plan and trying to find the right location for it in my backyard, I run into an idea of building a lean shed instead. It sounded like a wonderful solution for my backyard. In that way, I could save a lot of space, use my house wall as one of the backyard shed walls and save some money and space, and even build it stronger.

I was looking at my woodworker plans collection and it was right there for me. A lean shed could also be building stronger if leaning on my house wall foundations. Making a leaning shed is less difficult than plain shed. The floor is made in the same way as a traditional shed. However, it is attached to the house wall. Though you are using woodworker plans you could still adjust the shape and the size to your backyard needs. The walls will be built the same except, being attached in a different way. The roof is attached on one side to the house wall and on the other side to the front wall. Remember the house side should be higher so water would not stay on the roof or slid to the connection with the house. Before installing the walls you have to decide the location of the shed door.

This way, the pass to the shed should be defined. One variation of a backyard shed suggested in the woodworker plans could be for a small working place for handcraft or office. Then I should consider using a shed plan that includes window on one of the walls. That way you can make the window higher or lower depending on how you plan on using it. The top height I would set for storage shed, while the lower window could be for office or a working place.

Of course, if your wife is going to use the backyard shed consider her needs for the question we have discussed above, and you will have every answer for her in the perfect woodworker plans.

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