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Backyard Shade Sails

The Benefits Shade sails are ideal for any patio, outdoor area, or backyard setting that requires shade. Unlike their cousin, the patio umbrella, a shadesail is usually permanently or semi-permanently installed and is typically made of fabric that allows some sunlight to peek through, with characteristics that will not dampen air flow. The material used today is of high grade and offers warranties between 5 to 10 years. Matching outdoor decor is not a problem, as the material manufacturers produce a wide array of colors and with some producers, Sunbrella fabric is used, even making more colors to create a fantastic backyard paradise. The mounting process of this product requires anchor points that can either be attached to ground installed poles, walls, roof lines or any other object that will hold the tension of the sail. D-Rings in the corners of the shade product connect to the anchor points with cables, chains, shackles or turn buckles. The turn buckles allow tension to be applied making the fabric taut. The tension process can withstand much higher winds and harsher weather than patio umbrellas, making them a great choice for areas with inclimate weather conditions. Since the sail is mounted above the shaded area, no valuable floor space is used, which means this product should definitely be considered by restaurants, country club and hotels, or even residences that need their space for an outdoor gathering. Shade sails are not only attractive but they effectively protect an area from the sun without giving a closed in feeling. They are an excellent alternative to awnings, umbrellas, carports, and patio enclosures.

All Shapes and Sizes Shade sails are a designers dream, not only because of the all the fabric color choices, but the array of sizes and shapes for patio projects that are only limited by the imagination. Sizes vary from 9 feet to 18 feet with diagonal lengths going all the way to 25 feet. These sizes mean a larger area can be protected from the sun at a far less cost than any other shade making item. Shapes range from triangles to squares and rectangles, and in some cases even hexagons. Mixing, match and overlaying the different shapes, sizes and colors can create a beautiful setting above a backyard or patio oasis. If a color, size or shape can’t be found, then custom sails can be made to fit particular specifications. For a really hot look, sunbrella shade sails are also a great consideration.

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Chad Tyler is a shade product manager who handles a huge selection of shade sails, patio umbrellas and sun shades. Chad has been in the Patio industry for over 15 years and enjoys the outdoors, creating the perfect backyard paradise and spending time with friends and family.

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