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Backyard Sandbox

Little kids just love to play in the sand. Sit a little kid at the beach and he will quite happily play all day making sandcastles. They just love sand and water and so it must be good for them to be out in the fresh air. Of course, if you are too far from the beach you can always fall back on the old backyard sandbox. We always had one for our kids and the cat just loved it. Kids and a sandbox is a combination matched in heaven. Kids love it.

My favorite at the beach when I was a kid was to dig a big hole by hand just above the water. The sand that I dug out of the hole I would pile up in a wall right round the hole. I would be in the hole digging and building the wall as high as I could as the tide started to come in and each wave would surround my hole and eventually breach the wall. I would work frantically to make my wall survive as long as I could but inevitably the rising tide would win. That was great fun for me as no doubt playing in the sand produces great fun for a lot of others. What about some of those fantastic sand sculptors you see now. Some amazing stuff there.

Most kids are happy with a bucket and spade with some damp sand and making sand castles with the upturned bucked. Sand buckets are designed now to have patterns on the bottom to make your sand castles look good and it gives kids great delight to create something so attractive. Some kids take great delight in stomping on these sand castles and destroying them. There will always be those I suppose.

But it is obvious that to be able to build a sand castle is a necessary part of being a kid. Don’t deprive your kids of this great pleasure. If you can’t get to a beach you must have a backyard sandbox. Make sure it is a decent size so you can get several kids in there comfortably. Some now come complete with seats on each corner for added comfort. If it holds at least 500 pounds of sand it will do the job nicely. Some come now built in solid timber so they are there for ever and look good too. Just make sure they have some sort of cover for when the kids are all done because you will have every cat in the neighborhood coming to your place for their toileting needs.

So kids and a sandbox are a great combination. Keep the cats out. If your little ones haven’t built a sand castle yet they are missing out on one of the great pleasure of ‘kidhood’. You can correct this oversight right now.

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