Easy Backyard Safari Adventures 54 With Additional Inspiration Interior Home Design Ideas with Backyard Safari Adventures

Backyard Safari Adventures

Kids love being outdoors – that is a fact. So while they are outside enjoying the fresh air why not help them learn about their environment with an awesome gift from the backyard safari range. The range made by Summit has everything your young entomologist will need to collect, study and identify the insects in your backyard. Make sure they look the part with a backyard safari cargo vest which is the most essential piece of field gear for your backyard safari kid. Features include six D-rings and two shoulder epaulets for clipping on essential gear such as the backyard safari field tools (telescoping magnet, angling mirror, field tongs, excavating pick and brush, and a high-audible field safety whistle – all on quick release carabiners). The cargo vest features a large zipper pocket for storing another field essential – your trusty binoculars and a clear-view chest pocket for storing field guides.

An excellent tool to help the young field scientist gain confidence with identifying the insects or specimens they catch is the handheld ‘Talking Bug ID’. The talking bug ID helps you to identify over 70 different bugs. The extra-large magnifying glass makes it easy to view insects. There is an interactive bug identification system: it will ask “Yes” and “No” questions to help determine which bug has been found. A useful feature is a warning alert for when a bug is potentially dangerous. The Bug ID has a built in bug trivia game mode called “What bug is it?” With this cool discovery science toy your child can be an explorer, adventurer and a scientist!

Once your child has found a bug they want to study in more detail there is great range of nets and bug vacuums for capture and then different habitats, pods or net enclosures for containing them safely for study. Please encourage your backyard safari kid to treat the insects they study and capture with respect and look after them for a short while before releasing them back into the wild!

Don’t forget to choose a good book on insects to act as an identification tool – The Insect Book: A Basic Guide to the Collection and Care of Common Insects for Young Children by Connie Zakowski recommended for 9 to 12 year olds or Simon & Schuster Children’s Guide to Insects and Spiders by Jinny Johnson recommended for 4 to 8 year olds.

Don’t forget your Backyard Safari camp lantern for attracting the moths on those night-time adventure safaris!

Give the gift of education and the thrill of discovery with a Backyard Safari product, an awesome discovery science toy available from the Discovery Science Toys [http://www.discoverysciencetoys.info] Store.

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