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Backyard Room

Outdoor fireplace design is a wonderful way to put your special ‘stamp’ on your outdoor decor. With so many of us taking advantage of what lays beyond our back door, keeping warm is a logical step in creating that dream backyard room. You may already have the couches, the chairs, the tables and the accessories, but adding an outdoor fireplace to the mix will kick up your design a notch and help you create a beautiful room that you will never want to leave, while you enjoy your outdoor space long after the neighbors have retreated back inside because of the night chill.

An outdoor fireplace can be made from a variety of different stones and rocks, and even out of brick if that’s your choice. They come in a lot of different models and styles and are varying sizes. Finding that right balance for your backyard is where the design part comes into play. First you will want to determine where you want your fireplace to go. For safety you must have it away from any other structure by at least ten feet, so this has to be taken into consideration. Once you have thought about where you want the fireplace, you should think about what you will be using your fire for. Is it for cooking? Is it for just keeping warm? Is it just for decoration? Will you get an added water feature as well? Once all these questions are answered, you will get a better idea of where the best place to put your fire will be. If it is to be part of an outdoor kitchen, for example, then you may want to angle it so that it can be used as part of the outdoor living room as well.

Designing your fireplace will be the fun part. When you know where you want it to go and what you will use it for, then you can start looking at styles to see which ones take your fancy. Adding a water feature can make a beautiful statement and combine two of the world’s greatest elements into one spectacular show. Adding metal doors makes the piece more personal to you as they can depict a favourite hobby or interest, and getting an additional grill will allow you to cook over an open flame.

Pick a stone or rock colour that complements your outdoor room, or go all out and design your room around the fireplace. The design and usage is up to you, but you are sure to get a great backyard space when you add a beautiful fireplace to the mix.

Outdoor fireplaces make any backyard a spectacular place to be. Use them for warmth on chilly days or as a bold statement to your decor, the fireplace will look beautiful and be functionable year after year. For more information and to see a photo gallery, please visit our website at http://www.outbackfireplaces.com

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