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Backyard Roller Coaster

Growing children are always looking for something to keep them thrilled and excited. You may be able to supply what your child needs by finding the right toy to give them that exact feeling. The Step 2 UP and Down Roller Coaster is one ride that your child would definitely appreciate. It is a simple coaster ride that can be assembled in your living room, backyard, or garage. It is small enough to fit but provides big fun especially for children 2 to 5 years of age.

The great thing about this exciting ride is that you can easily assemble it without the need for any tools or professional help. Each piece features a snap together design so all you would need are your hands to snap each part together. This way, you spend less time putting it up and your child gets to have more time for fun and play.

This toddler ride on toy comes with two pieces of steps that can be snapped on to both sides of the roller coaster. This makes stepping up to the car easy for your child. The great thing about these steps is that it has been carefully designed for its platforms to be big enough to accommodate your child’s foot size. The surface of the steps is non-slip so you can be assured that your child would not get any accidental slips while trying to get on. As your child is getting onto the car, you can banish your worries about the car starting to run with your child barely on it.

The highest track part has recessed retainers to hold the rear wheels in place while your child rides on the car. It stays in place until your child is securely seated and ready for his thrilling ride. The car for this toddler toy is also versatile. It can be played with even without the roller coaster track. The car features a high back so your child can be comfortable when leaning on it. It also has a handrail at the front that can accommodate both of your child’s hands to keep them secure during the ride. Each side of the car has foot rests to prevent your child’s foot from being run over by the wheels or from being hurt from the rough pavement.

The ride is great for boys and girls alike. Your child gets to ride a thrilling roller coaster that is safe and secure while also learning how to go up the steps, ride a car, and roll down all by himself.

This toy is rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. I have found a small amount of negative feedback saying that children don’t ride it much and that a couple of children fell off. Also, there was a mention of it being too big! So for the most part children who have the Step 2 UP and Down Roller Coaster are surely delighted and their parents truly believe that it is definitely worth the investment.

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