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Backyard Retaining Wall

As a homeowner, you are always looking for a way to create the ideal living space. If you are landscaping your home, building a retaining wall can take your backyard to the next level. This structure can help to properly drain water and make a sloping area of the ground much sturdier, which will make the area strong enough to create a usable space for your garden. You can complete a retaining wall construction project in a matter of days. These structures can be quite simple if you use the right materials and follow a few tips.

First, you should plan where and how your will build. Mark the area in your backyard with some stakes and string. You should have already decided what kind of materials you will use. Most retaining wall construction projects call for the use of concrete blocks or stone. You should also decide the style of structure you want. Before you start digging, you should check with utility companies and obtain the proper permits necessary to ensure that your project is safe to begin.

Once you have marked the area, you can start to excavate the site with a shovel. Next, you should level out soil in the trench. Rake the area with a paver to ensure that the soil has been evenly applied. Once you have an even surface to work with, you can lay down the foundation of the structure. Make sure the foundation blocks are level, so they can support the rest of the blocks for your retaining wall construction project.

Now you can start adding the rest of the blocks. Begin with the edge of the wall that is closest to your home or nearest structure. Be sure that each block lines up flush with the one next to it. You especially want the visible side to line up perfectly. You can use a rubber mallet to make sure the visible layer of blocks is in line and level. If the blocks need to be cut in order to fit together perfectly, you can use a heavy duty saw designed to cut the material, or you can hire a professional to cut them for you.

Once the blocks are in place, you can use gravel to fill the space between the ground and the first layer of blocks, making your retaining wall construction much sturdier. You can now begin applying the next layer of blocks. You can stagger them to create any pattern you like or add decorative blocks or stones atop the structure. The final pattern is up to you.

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