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Backyard Remodel

In economically challenging times such as these, Flowing Wells Landscape Construction would like to remind you that while a complete overhaul of your landscaping may not be in the cards presently, a remodel built around the twin concepts of simplicity and creativity can redefine a backyard in an equally dramatic way. As an experienced Arizona landscaper, we can say the good news is that such a wonderful yet simple transformation can be achieved by incorporating elements you might not have previously considered.

An inviting patio area is a must-have for entertaining family and friends throughout the year. And while bigger ticket items such as patio decks may be on the to-do list one day, there are simpler, more affordable ways in which you and your local landscaper can make your patio a centerpiece of your backyard. The incorporation of Flagstone, for example, can change the entire feel of a patio area and create an entertaining surface that is both beautiful and durable. Likewise, the addition of something as simple as patio lights can create a variety of moods, all controlled by you, when entertaining friends and family after the sun goes down. In this and many other ways Scottsdale landscaper Flowing Wells can help transform the look and feel of your yard.

Outdoor barbeque grills and outdoor fireplaces can also add a great deal of style to your patio. In the case of outdoor fireplaces the right choice, combined with the existing design elements, can quite literally create an extension of your living space. Or bring a campfire feel to the proceedings by installing a fire pit in your backyard. Sitting around a fire on a cold winter night is one of the great joys of life, and instills a sense of community and friendship that can’t be beat. Plus it just looks cool!

The number of ways you can remodel your yard is limited only by your imagination. Garden arbors and outdoor gazebos, for example can bring an entirely different feel to any yard. Wood or metal garden arbors make excellent decorative items, and provide a simple yet inviting touch that welcomes family and friends to your backyard or garden. Gazebos, meanwhile, offer a great and stylish way to enjoy quality time in your backyard rain or shine.

A stylish remodel of your backyard is a goal you can achieve in affordable fashion with the incorporation of a few simple elements. Make your yard a centerpiece for family fun. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to achieve.

Jason Skrnich is the owner of Flowing Wells. He credits the consistent growth and success of his company to excellent customer service and a commitment to creating unique custom landscapes. Jason has owned and operated Flowing Wells since 1996.

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