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Creative date ideas are all around us. We just have to open our minds and our hearts and find them. Of course, once you’ve been together for a period of time, some of the same old dates just don’t cut it, so you really need to pull out the creative stops. Here are some great date ideas that are easy on the budget and packed with fun.

Picnic Under The Stars

Just like any other picnic date, but this time instead of taking it during a nice summer day, take it during a summer night. The cooler temperature is perfect reason to cuddle and get close to the one you love, and the night stars are the perfect setting for a romantic date.

Pool Party

Don’t have a backyard pool? Go to your local Walmart and grab a kiddie pool for a couple of dollars and you and your partner can cool off in your very own pool. Even if all you can fit into it is your feet.

Not up for that? Grab the sprinkler and run through it and laugh and play like you once did as children.

Or grab yourself some water guns and have a good old fashioned water fight with your spouse.

Down And Dirty

Another perfect date for summertime is planting flowers. Grab some seeds or plants from the local greenhouse and get down and dirty with the one you love. Nurture your relationship, while nurturing nature. As your love grows so too will your garden. Make it an ongoing event and you will have a nice little garden of love before you know it.

Creative date nights don’t have to be difficult. With a little thinking outside the box and realizing all that truly matters is that you are spending time with the one you love, you will have more date ideas that you could ever use.

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