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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that childhood obesity now affects 17 percent of the nation’s children, triple the rate of only a single generation ago. Along with eating a poor diet, the CDC blames inactivity for much of the problem. Backyard playgrounds can help families to get their kids active from a very young age, greatly reducing the chances that the children will become victims of childhood obesity.

In previous generations, kids typically spent much of the day playing outside. They rode bikes, went to the park or playground at the school, or found other activities that kept them on the move. Today’s parents have a tougher time getting their kids outside to play. Kids wind up stuck indoors more often today than they did in the past for a lot of reasons and many parents are at a loss about how to get their kids interested in being active. The reasons for this include:

– Lack of safe play areas 
– Both parents work so kids must stay indoors after school 
– Kids prefer television 
– Kids play video games

When parents are concerned about their children’s weight, they look for solutions like backyard playground sets to keep their kids active and healthy. Kids can be outdoors yet remain under close parental supervision. The kids are able to maintain an active lifestyle by playing on their sets for several hours a day in a safe, controllable environment. They develop strong, healthy bodies and their risks of falling victim to childhood obesity are minimal.

Not only is it better for the kids, it is also better for their parents, especially for families with younger kids that can’t safely be allowed out on their own even though they’re bursting with excess energy. Often kids will find a way to use that energy, but when they start to get wild in the house things can end up damaged, and it usually puts a strain on their parents’ sanity as well. Having the safety and convenience of backyard playground sets keep parents from feeling they’re losing their minds to all the noise and racket that’s a normal part of being a kid.

Families with more than one child often find that backyard playgrounds bring their children’s friends over to play, keeping their kids home instead of wandering off looking for someone to play with. These sets can become houses, castles, spaceships or anything else the kids can imagine, and a group of kids can play indefinitely on a good play set. Adding one to the yard is not only fun for the kids, it is an investment in their health and their futures as well. For developing kids, play sets like these can well be worth their weight in gold.

Gretchin Hammill wanted her kids to have a fun and safe place to play so she bought them a backyard playground. Little Tikes has playground gyms and sets so your little tikes can enjoy the great outdoors in a safe way.

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