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Backyard Pictures

Pond pictures can help you define landscaping ideas. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. Developing the perfect environmental landscaping could be a challenge for some backyards. Pictures could help you decide on what would work for your design. The first thing you need to be aware of is what style or statement you are trying to make.

A formal design is more rigid and has perfectly shaped paths, groupings or mass plantings of the same plant or species and has the appearance of a well manicured lawn or garden. Pictures can lend you ideas concerning water plants, mulching around the plants, edging to use on the paths and what kind of water feature you might want to include. Fountains, waterfalls, lily ponds and arched bridges over waterways work well in a formal design.

An informal design is more relaxed and natural looking in appearance. Sample pictures can offer you an informal design that could lend you ideas that could include a wishing well, small recirculating fountains, a hard formed in ground lily pond or a small waterfall to add the soft sound of moving water. Wandering paths could meander through the landscape and mixtures of different plants could dot the grounds in splashes of color or textures. Pond pictures could show you the charm of mixed sizes, shapes and colors of plants when worked into a otherwise drab landscape.

Pond pictures could show you possibilities of brightening up an otherwise dark empty corner with either a water feature or some brightly colored shad plants. Solar lighting is available in so many designs, metals, plastics and colors that can add just the right touch to the landscape. Pond pictures could allow you to see what lighting in a backyard pond design could do for bringing your water feature to life at night. The naked eye doesn’t always see all the details that can be captured in pond pictures.

Evaluate your landscape project. If the landscape was steep and you wanted to add a pond feature the pond pictures would show you that a pond would not be possible without some major changes to the landscaping. A water feature would still be possible but you may have to choose something smaller, a preformed pond that is supported by landscaping stone or by a small fountain with a recirculating pump. It is important to know of your project is feasible and what is not.

A pond design pictures [] could offer suggestions of a small conversational, reading area for relaxing, entertaining or eating with friends and family. Colors, plant height and textures in pond pictures give impressions of style such as tropical, forest, desert or suburbia. Looking at pictures of ponds could help you decide if you want a bit of shade for comfort and privacy or if want a brighter sunnier landscape. Functionality of the landscape is essential to the features you want to display and the pond pictures could play a huge roll in deciding what style you decide on.

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