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Backyard Pavers Ideas

Perhaps the most challenging part of small garden design is staring at that blank sheet of paper for the first time.

While the emptiness of the paper invites you to let your imagination run wild, that same emptiness also seems to impose a great deal of responsibility at the same time.

I have watched many people literally “freeze” at these first steps, afraid to make the first mark less it be wrong and mess up the whole project at some later point.

My advice is to relax! Let your creative juices flow and draw whatever you want. At this stage of the small garden design, it is very hard to be “wrong” because nothing has happened that can’t be put right by simply starting over. And, please believe me, it is a lot easier to start a new drawing than it is to pull out a couple of day’s work installing plants and beds (which I have had to do).

So, take courage and start drawing! Here are just a couple of tips that you might want to consider as you work on your design: 

  • Start with a whole site plan to locate your small garden optimally
  • Consider designing “against” your existing plot lines
  • Pay attention to your textures
  • Don’t forget to add height to your small garden design

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