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Backyard Paver Designs

When it comes to designing backyard patios, homeowners have many options, and choosing the proper design is important because patios are intended to last a long, long time.

One of the first considerations when building a patio in your backyard is to decide what type of material you would like the patio built from. There are many beautiful and durable options available these days and the material you choose will go a long way in setting the decor of your exterior space. Some of the most popular choices are interlocking pavers (which can be made from concrete, brick or stone), natural stone (such as bluestone or fieldstone), bricks, or poured or stamped concrete. Even once you choose your patio material, you may still have additional options to consider, for example, such as whether you want your natural stone patio laid out with individual stones or stone slabs.

Another factor in firming up your backyard patio design is the size and shape of your desired patio. You should consider this at the same time that you are dreaming about the perfect material choice, because some material options may work better with certain design options than others. When determining the shape and design of the patio, be sure to consider what you will use the space for, what existing landscaping elements already exist near the space (such as large trees), and whether you prefer one central entertaining space or a few more meandering and intimate spaces.

Of course, one factor you cannot overlook is price when it comes to designing your patio. Factors such as material and size will certainly come into play in determining the final price, so keep that in mind during the design process. You may love an expensive material but have to limit the size of your patio in order to stay within your budget, or if you always dreamed of having a large patio because you love to entertain, you may have to streamline your material choices a bit so that you don’t go overboard when it comes to price.

Although some homeowners think that they can install their own patios because it only requires mapping out an area and laying some pavers, bricks or stone, the truth is that correctly installing a patio is a difficult job and one best left to professionals. The most important part of the installation process involves preparing the ground below the patio materials and making sure that it is properly leveled, graded, compacted and drained, so that the finished patio will not sag, crack or slope. This requires heavy machinery and professional know-how, so if you are thinking of installing a patio, hire an experienced landscaping or masonry professional and factor that into your budget. It will be well worth the expense.

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