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Backyard Party Decorations

Before deciding on the correct 50th birthday party decorations you need to make some other important decisions first.

1. Decide on your budget. Make sure you know how much you have to spend on the 50th birthday party.

2. Decide on a theme. There are many fun ideas for a 50th birthday theme party. Some popular themes include a Casino Night, Mexican Fiesta, Hawaiian Luau, Beers from around the World, Roast the Birthday Celebrant, Stroll Down Memory Lane. These are just a few of the many theme ideas that all make a great 50th birthday.

3. Select the venue where the event will be held. Will it be at a home? Will the party be at a theme park, rented location, outside park or a friend’s backyard? Where you decide to have the event will impact the decorations you will use.

4. Carefully craft your guest list. Make sure everyone is invited, even those guests that are from out of town that would want to know about the party, but because of distance, cost or age cannot attend.

5. Put together your plan for games, or the form of entertainment that will take place at the event.

6. Select the best date that works for the birthday person, yourself and a majority of the guests. Keep in mind you will not be able to find a date that will work for everyone.

7. Time to plan the food, drinks and cake. Decide if you and friends will handle the food or if it will be catered. Make sure you have food the 50 year old will enjoy.

Once all of these factors have been worked out it is time to make decisions on the decorations. There are many decorations that can be selected from that will add to the festiveness of the party.

Balloons are always a good idea for 50th birthday party decorations. What makes them even better is if there is some slogan or saying printed on the balloons that are unique to the 50 year old. Be sure to get them close to the start of the party so they fly for as long as possible. Black balloons are often selected if the theme is “Over the Hill. For other themes you can use all sorts of other bright colors.

Banners, streamers and all sorts of hanging decorations can also be purchased that are designed with 50th birthday slogans. These are all great ideas.

Be sure not to forget 50th birthday table cloths, and service ware that have 50th birthday designs on them.

Cups and glasses for toasting can come with decorations and are things that guests can take home and will help make the memory of the great party you put together endure.

There are numerous designs for a 50th birthday party decorations and these can be viewed both in retail party store and online. If your budget allows don’t skimp in this area-the more decorations you have the more festive the party will feel.

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