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Backyard Paradise

How do I make my backyard a place I want to be?

We all have been to someone’s backyard where we just loved to hang out. What made it that way? I don’t think we remember everything that was in the yard we enjoyed, but more, what we felt. My guess is whoever designed that yard didn’t just throw it together. It was created and planned. Backyards need to have a warm feeling. This warm feeling is created by using all the right tools. A combination of plants, pavers, grass, decorations, decks, and patio covers will help create this backyard paradise.

I tried to design my backyard with the end in mind. That is, I tried to think of the types of activities that I wanted to take place in my yard. I have children, and so, my idea of the paradise backyard may be different from that of someone who doesn’t. To illustrate the end in mind concept, I knew I wanted kids to be able to play safely without me having to continually monitor them. I also wanted the play equipment to not be the focal point. For that reason, I designed my backyard using rubber mulch that matched the home around the swing area and chose to place my trampoline in the ground rather than standing. Designing the yard with the end in mind allowed me to accomplish both objectives, the in ground trampoline is safe as I don’t have to worry about kids falling off and the trampoline is not an eyesore in my backyard as it is level with the ground and blends in with the grass area.

I also knew when designing the yard that the patio of my home was not big enough for the amount of people I wanted to host at parties. To solve this problem, I extended the concrete slab of my existing patio and added a vinyl pergola (patio cover) over this area. This tripled the total area where we could place tables and hang out with friends. It not only added the area desired, but looks awesome. The pergola adds to the warm feeling I was trying to create. Best of all, it was easy to install and the product can be purchased online from a vinyl fence company.

Your backyard can be the place to be if you create it to be such. Start with the end in mind and create the yard on paper before you even start. If you do this, you will find you not only enjoy the planning and creation process, but you will enjoy the yard for years to come.

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