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Backyard Pagoda

Many homeowners are limiting themselves when it comes to their landscape designs. Plants are not the only option you have. With hardscape elements you can open up a whole new world of landscaping opportunities. Homeowners often overlook using hardscape pieces, but they can really enhance the look of landscape designs. Here are some great landscaping ideas that use hardscape elements.

There are many pieces of architecture that you can use in your landscape design. Arches with decorative woodwork are one option. You can use them as focal points or you can use them to lead to a particular place–like a garden for example. A bridge with a lovely hand rail design is another great option, especially if you want to incorporate a water feature like a pond or brook in your backyard. A bridge can also be used to lead over a rocky area or any area that might be dangerous or hard to walk over otherwise. If you enjoy meditating, a beautiful pagoda would make a good addition to your backyard. Pagodas are gorgeous temple-like structures that add terrific architectural elegance to landscapes.

Garden Ornaments & Sculptures 
Using garden ornaments and sculptures in your backyard is a really cost-effective way to add interest and personality to the look of your yard. You can create your own sculpture garden in your backyard, or create a whimsical theme with sets of garden ornaments. There are sculptures that also double as garden lighting, like moonlight globes for example. Many people think of garden ornaments as being kitschy, but you can create a sophisticated and playful look with them by buying them in muted or earth toned colors. You can also keep them toned down by placing them singularly or in small groups instead of placing them all over the place.

Cooking Equipment 
Outdoor cooking equipment can really add a designer look to your landscape. A stand-alone grill might not do the trick, but BBQ islands and outdoor pizza ovens can add a stylish look to landscape designs. For the pizza enthusiast, a brick or stone pizza oven can add a beautiful rustic touch to a backyard. BBQ islands, also known as built in BBQ grills, are a really popular choice because you get all of the perks of an indoor kitchen while still getting to enjoy the outdoors. They come in many different designs and can be custom tailored with specific features to meet your outdoor cooking needs. Built in BBQ grills can actually become the center focal point of your backyard landscape. Some homeowners create entire hardscape entertainment areas with their built in BBQs. They can hold all of your outdoor kitchen supplies, making it super easy to do everything outside. They can come with drawers, refrigerators, sinks, sideburners (where you can cook side dishes and sauces), bar counters, and even flat screen televisions.

Builit in BBQ grills are not only stylish, they are also highly functional. If you love to cook outdoors then a built in BBQ grill is perfect for you. You’ll never have to run inside your house if you’ve forgotten a food item or utensil because your built in BBQ can hold all of your outdoor kitchen supplies and more.

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