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Backyard Office Shed

If you have a family with several kids you’ve probably accumulated lots of items over the years that have filled up your basement or garage. You’re embarrassed to show anyone these rooms because they’re totally disorganized. When you want to find something you know its in the garage but you don’t have the energy to search for it.

This scenario is repeated many times by families throughout the nation.

7 Top Uses for a Backyard Storage Shed

1. Saves space

Items that normally take up a lot of space in your house can be relocated to your backyard shed.

Here are some items you can place in your storage shed

gardening equipment

carpentry tools

painting and decorating tools and supplies

pool maintenance equipment

kids’ bikes and skateboards


outdoor furniture

lawn and garden tools

2. Create a garden

If you’re a keen gardener you can keep a variety of potted plants in your storage building. A small heater would allow you to even grow summer plants in the winter by keeping the shed warm.

3. Children’s playhouse

Instead of a tree house your backyard storage shed could provide countless hours of activities for your children. They can also keep their outdoor toys there.

4. Garage

If you have a scooter or motorbike it may not fit in the garage with your car. Park it in the outdoor storage shed.

5. Bedroom or office

Sometimes your house does not have enough rooms. instead of sharing a room, build a shed in the backyard. Your shed can be separate from the house so your kids may not disturb you as much, there will be less noise and you it could be located in a beautiful natural setting (if you have a lot of trees).

6. Meditation room

Often its too noisy in the house to meditate or pray. Your backyard shed can be ideal place 
to calm your thoughts or even write a book.

7. Workshop or hobby room

Most houses don’t have a carpentry workshop. It can get very noisy with all the new machines carpenters use these days. Your storage shed allows you to make as much noise as you want without disturbing your household.

It’s also a great place to create your favorite craft or work on your hobbies.


Before you build your backyard storage shed, check with your local authorities (ie county, city offices and homeowners association) for relevant building permits. You may have to submit your shed plans for formal approval before you build.

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