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An Indoor Garden might be a good fit for you, it is for me.

Are you like me, a casual indoor gardener who likes to see plants grow? Fresh vegetables and Flower taste and smell great!

But I do not have the time or space in my backyard for a garden. Plus there is the work involved in digging the dirt, planting the seed, watering, weeding, fertilizing, watering, etc. Why not have an indoor garden in the kitchen, family room or office or, you can, with the AeroGarden system, fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers all year long? Plus the system is a clean, no mess, low maintenance system that really Works!

How do the plants grow in the AeroGarden? The system grows plants without dirt using a method of hydroponic gardening called aeroponics where the plant roots are suspended partially in air and partially in oxygen infused nutrient solutions. Because the roots are bathed with the ideal levels of nutrients, water and oxygen, plants grow significantly faster, are healthier and have a higher nutrient content than plants grown in soil. Note: see below for a full description of Hydroponic Gardening.

Depending on the kit you choose it will have either 3 -6 -7 pods in each units. Just drop in a pre-seeded grow pod, dirt free, pre seeded pods act as mini greenhouse for fast germination – some within 24 hrs, just add water to the grow chamber add nutrients as per directed and turn the system on That’s It!

It will take you only a few minutes to set up the kit – basically there are three parts, the base, the extender arm and top unit that holds the built-in grow lights – they all snap together, with instructions that even I could understand – then drop in the seed pods, water, nutrients then push the on button.

You will start to see the sprouts in 4-7 days – sit back and watch them grow, you will see some growth every day. The plants will sprout twice as fast, grow twice as fast and last twice as long as the same plants that have been planted in dirt. Maintenance time – you add nutrients and check the water levels every Two week plus as the plants grow a little pruning will help the plants grow.

I go to my kitchen every morning and look at my indoor garden – and the grandkids love to see how much the plant have grown since their last visit.

Last week we started a new garden -I’m growing full sized Heirloom Tomatoes, the sprouts came up in about 6-7 days, they are now about and 1 ½” tall!

I will have tomatoes in a couple months – right in the middle of winter in Denver, Colorado

Hydroponic Gardening: “Hydroponics (from the Greek words hydro water and ponos labor) is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrients solutions, in water, without soil. Terrestrial plants may be grown with their roots in the mineral nutrient solution only or in an inert medium, such as perlite, gravel or mineral wool.” From: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

, my name is James Rash, I live in Denver, Colorado. I am 69 year old retired businessman who enjoys gardening but does not have the time or space for an outdoor garden, plus living in Colorado your gardening time is shorter than in other locations. I have discovered indoor gardening with a system called AeroGarden – a hydroponic growing system that grows herbs, vegetables and beautiful flowers indoors with very little mess. The plants grow twice as fast, last twice as long and taste great. Please visit my site at: [].

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