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Have you ever played golf when it is so hot that you didn’t mind hitting it into the trees just to get some shade? A personal water mister is the perfect golf tool to have in your bag to keep you cool this summer on the golf course and help you score better.

With an ability to lower the air temperature by almost 30 degrees you and weighing less than two pounds a water mister would fit into your golf bag or in the cart with ease. In addition since you only use the mister sporadically to cool the air it should last up to 3 hours – just enough time for the front nine and to refill it on the turn at the clubhouse.

How does it work? 
A water mister whether it is a personal mister or one used on your backyard patio, uses water pushed through a nozzle to create a fine mist. The mist then attaches to the air molecules and cools the air and once it cools the air it evaporates. Once evaporated, you are only surrounded by the cool air and feel much cooler.

What is the difference between a personal mister and a patio mister? 
A personal water mister uses a bottle to hold the water and a small pump to pressurize the water through the nozzle. A backyard patio unit most of the time uses a domestic water line usually from an outdoor spigot to provide the water. If you are looking for a backyard patio mister make sure you look for one that doesn’t need a pump – it is just as effective and less troublesome in set up and operation.

How will it help my golf game? 
Lower temperatures may not equal lower golf scores and a personal water mister may not be able to lower your score but it will make your round of golf more enjoyable. Instead of looking for a bunch of trees to hit into or running to the closest water cooler, all you need to do is pull out your water mister to cool off.

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