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Backyard Man Cave

Things have changed through out the years but a man still needs a Man Cave shed. Why not a garage or basement? Why a Man Cave shed? How can it be done? Is it practical? Check out these reasons below to build your ultimate Man Cave.

1. Solitude. Yes, the Man Cave Shed can be that place of solitude, where a man and his tools can think. A fortress of sorts. Okay, maybe that’s a little overboard. How about just a place to work on his motorcycle or favorite car? It can also be called “The Den of Men” where the guys can watch games and drink beer. No kids allowed! Now I bet that sparks some interest, right?

2. Pricing. There could certainly be sticker shock if you have priced any of the pre-made sheds from the home centers. Thousands of dollars for just the small 8′ x 12′ shell. That usually doesn’t include the flooring, insulation, drywall, or any of the bells and whistles that you would want to put in the inside.

3. Satisfaction. What’s the solution for this amazing idea if you are tapped out on those kind of funds at the moment? That’s easy, just build it yourself. Yes, you can, with the proper set of wood shed plans. That’s what is beautiful about it. With a set of good quality shed plans you will be able to build it even if you have never picked up hammer and it will look like you have been building sheds all your life. Experienced woodworkers will be surprised at how fast and easy it is to build it like a pro.

4. Gathering Place. The backyard is the perfect place for men to gather and with the Man Cave in the backyard, well what could be better? They can talk about what they want, be as loud as they want, and even be as messy as they want. NOTE: Cleaning of this facility is totally up to the man.

5. Appreciate Each Other. Let’s face it, being a couple and being together too much will wreck havoc on even the best of relationships. Being able to each have your own space is the best therapy there is.

A good quality set of wood shed plans will also include the how to’s like to install a floor and how to install the correct windows for your Man Cave Shed. These are usually the”extras” that home centers want to up sell you on. This shed will be better because you are building it for quality, not quantity.

So now you know that the key to a good quality Man Cave shed is in the good quality shed plans. What is most important is what you do with it on the inside. NASCAR theme, Vikings, Yankees, hunting, fishing, backwoods, it is entirely up to you.

As an avid woodworker and wife, Kathy Lund knows the importance of simplicity and getting the husband out of the house. It wouldn’t be fair to tell you that this is all the information, because there is so much more. It wouldn’t all fit here, but you can go to Man Cave Shed and get more ideas.

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