Luxury Backyard Lighting 14 About Remodel Home Decor Arrangement Ideas with Backyard Lighting

Backyard Lighting

One of the advantages to having a back yard is being able to enjoy it. While daylight creates a natural ability to see and do, nighttime makes an area look completely different with shadows and concealed areas. Adding lighting in the back yard creates a whole different atmosphere and changes uncertainty into visibility. Using different types of lighting creates different effects, depending on what the homeowner wants to feature.


For children that love the outdoors and like to play after dark, be sure to add standard floodlights in the areas near the house so they can see where they are going and not get hurt. Bright lighting by the garage is also helpful for car buffs that want to get every moment possible under the hood or hobbyists working on a project. Floodlights are effective for this purpose. Compact fluorescents can be used to light up dark areas. Incandescent floodlights and spotlights are another option. Be sure to use light bulbs specifically labeled for outdoor use.


Safety in one’s own backyard is of the utmost importance. Bright lighting is a deterrent to prowlers, partiers and peepers. Security lights come in a variety of sizes and styles. The most popular and effective method for backyard security lights is the halogen light bulb. Different styles come with a variance in brightness and set-up, but they are long-lasting and burn brighter and whiter than the average light bulb. This is what makes them preferable for security lights. Backyard security lighting reduces the risk of having people enter the yard. Those that do not want to be seen will avoid well-lit areas that announce their presence.


Backyard lighting is a deterrent for animals, too. While homeowners may not mind having deer, cats, rabbits or raccoons filtering through the yard, it is a safety hazard for both people and animals. Bright lights generally prevent deer from wandering into gardens at night and munching on blooming flowers and ripening vegetables. Raccoons have a penchant for patios and porches with tempting trashcans and recycling bins offering a midnight snack. Halogen light bulbs and floodlights ward off the nocturnal creatures which create safety hazards and disarray.


Outdoor decorative lighting on decks and patios is another option. It can be used by itself or together with other types of outdoor lights for parties or dinners at dusk and after dark. Turn the bright lights off for special occasions. Use battery operated lights or electric candles to provide ambience without the safety problems and fire hazards of real candles. String tiny plain white Christmas lights on the perimeter of the pool or deck area for decoration for any time of the year.

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