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Backyard Layout

The perfect backyard layout does not take years to perfect or stumble across. By following a series of steps, anyone can create a backyard oasis to relax in. Careful landscaping will result in a design that works all year long and the right furniture will make sure to lounge in comfort and style.

Planning each step ahead will prevent sudden stopping, extra work and unnecessary waiting. Knowing the climate, soil type, size of yard and the necessity for any permits ahead of time will help the work go smoother.

The Planning Staged

This is the time to decide if the design will incorporate water features, outdoor lighting and so forth. Check with the local ordinance board to obtain any permits necessary before work begins.

Measure the backyard accurately and make several outline drawings. Graph paper works beautifully for outlines and designs. Call the local utility company and identify where phone lines, water, sewer and gas lines run. Draw these on your outline. This will avoid costly accidents.

The outlines may seem crowded with all the layers of information that follow. They can be drawn as multi-layered drawings. At least one should contain all of the information. Different colors can be used for furniture, plants, fountains, lights, power or water lines and so forth.

Selecting The Furniture

Just as interior designers begin with a piece of fabric or accessory to decorate a room, begin with outdoor furniture. Search for different furniture styles and designs online and in magazines. Make rough sketches of these designs on your outlines. Use scale to ensure everything fits well. Then purchase the chosen backyard furniture. Measure it at the store to ensure it fits the design.

Planning The Landscaping

On your design, sketch in landscaping around the furniture. Ensure branches covered in thorns are not planted near chairs or benches. When drawing bushes and trees, sketch the foliage as it will be when it is full grown. This prevents planting too close to the furniture, house or fence.

Xeriscaping is the art of choosing native plants that conserve water, survive in the climate and are beautiful. The local extension office has information about legally obtainable plants for backyard layouts.

Planning Fountains, Ponds And Lights

On the outline, draw in any water features and lights. Make sure to draw in where electrical and plumbing lines will run. Only outside wiring, fixtures and outlets will pass the code inspection. Having this outline will save time if anything needs repair in the future.

Planning The Costs, Equipment And Professionals

Most work can be done by the average homeowner. In some areas, professional work such as plumbers and electricians are required by law. Planning ahead for the costs will keep the project flowing from beginning to end.

Outline each project as a step-by-step process to put the work in perspective. Begin with the removal of the existing landscaping, fence repairs or replacement and anything not incorporated into the new design.

Start From The Bottom Up

Begin the backyard design by installing ponds, electrical and plumbing lines. Next, install pathways and any designs that incorporate flat bricks or rocks. Plant the landscaping and grass. Build any gazebos, benches and so forth. Install the decorations such as figurines, statues and so forth. As the landscaping and grass grows, set the furniture in place.

It can take one to two years for many plants to look their best in a landscape. Patience and careful pruning will result in spectacular foliage.

There is nothing more relaxing and wonderful than having breakfast in a custom backyard gazebo or picnic area. One additional benefit of a well-planned backyard layout is increased resale value. Buyers appreciate a beautiful, water-saving and easy to care for design!

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