Unique Backyard Jenga 48 With Additional Home Decoration Ideas with Backyard Jenga

Backyard Jenga

Keeping kids busy during summer vacation can be hard but not impossible. We all know just because the kids are off doesn’t mean we are so with these great at home indoor and outdoor activities you’ll never hear your kids say “I’m bored” for the rest of the season.

Turn off the games and cell phones and enjoy the summer day. With so many ideas for outside activities here are a few affordable ones the kids can do at home with you or the babysitter.

I am sure we have all done this at least once growing up but running through sprinklers and slip-n-slides are a fun and great way spend those hot summer days. Don’t let your kids miss out on this amazing right-of-passage.

Host an outdoor movie night for the neighborhood. Pick up a projector, hang a white sheet on the fence, throw blankets and pillows around and you have your own theater. Now trying to choose the movie is the tough part.

Lions, tigers, and bears? No need. Take the kids camping in your own backyard; it’s a great way to get younger kids ready for camps next year or just a fun way to spend the evening with the family. Set up tents, roast marshmallows, grab Where All the Wild Things Are, and don’t forget the bug spray.

Growing up with siblings, summer boredom could make or break relationships, kids start fighting over toys and who goes first. An easy way to keep your kids from taking it out on the house give them water guns and let them go to war!

Take off early from work and head to the park. While you picnic have the kids play Frisbee or teach them the old school game of hopscotch. Lemonade and sandwich fueled start a game of red rover with the rest of the kids in the park.

In every summer there comes those days where no matter how much lemonade consume or dips in the pool you take its too hot to go outside. These are some fun affordable indoor activities for your kids this summer.

Sometimes plans get rained out. The best cure for a rainy day is to host a game marathon. Time to pull out those old board games stuffed in the back of the closet and have a good old competition to see who can win the most games.

Start your kid’s school year off right and have them create homemade cards for their teachers. Impress the teachers with your kids coloring,┬ástamping, and glittering skills with a Happy School Year card on a sweet treat or an apple.

A personal favorite past-time is fort building. Get the kids together to see how large they can make their living room fort before it collapses like a Jenga tower. Make sure that everyone is dressed properly with crowns and play swords to defend their territory.

Get the kids motivated this summer with researching fun world records they would want to beat, plan to try a new one every week. Ready, set, start the competition and see who can go the longest or if they beat the world record!

Put all those stuff animals to good use, line them up and start a fun game of stuff animal bowling. You can either use a ball an see how many knock down or throw on some socks and become the ball. Slide your way down the hall and enjoy the giggles and smiles.

Pull out the blankets and pillows, find the water guns, cook up some marshmallows and start enjoying the summer. It may be ending soon but don’t let that stop you from enjoying time with your kids.

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