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Backyard Inground Pools

Having a semi inground pool is excellent for the summer. People of all ages love to swim and relax in the pool. When it’s hot and the sun is blazing, there’s no better way to cool down by taking a nice long dip in the garden pool.

This might seem like a farfetched dream for some. If you have no backyard or just can’t afford to have a pool there’s always the public swimming pool. But there’s just something nice about having your own. Many people seem to think that you have to be well off to have a swimming pool.

It’s true that inground pools can be extremely expensive and are usually in the backyard of a big an expensive house. But that’s where semi-inground pools are different. Inground swimming pools take a great deal of planning, design and not to mention manual labor.

You may also require planning permission which can take a while to get. Nothing beats the look and feel of an inground swimming pool, but for those less well off there are two options. First off, there are the above type swimming pools. These take little planning or preparation.

Since little groundwork needs to be done, you can pretty much have an above ground pool anywhere you like, provided you have sufficient space. This is the main pro of having an above ground pool. The second pro is that they are the cheapest option for getting a pool.

Those that decide to get an above ground pool may not require any help in construction or installation. They can be very easy to setup and in most cases can be used on the day of arrival. The main problem that people have with above ground pools is that they’re not the most attractive.

Because they literally sit on the ground they can look a bit obtrusive in the backyard unlike inground pools. They are still excellent for the kids and while they may not look impressive the fun factor is still there. For those looking for a more attractive option without the cost of an inground pool, there are semi inground pools.

Semi-inground pools are like inground and above ground pools. As the name suggests, they are only semi-inground but they only carry the cost that of an above ground pool. Why would you want a pull that is only partially sunk into the ground? Well, for one, they look more attractive and secondly there is the option to build decking around it.

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