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Backyard Imagination

Wouldn’t you just love to have your own special place in this wild and wooly world that you knew you could always go to and “get away from it all”… a relaxing, peaceful place where you could unwind and forget about all the worries of the day… a beautiful, inspiring place where you could let your imagination run wild… a safe and secure place to just do and think whatever you want? This place could very well be your own backyard!

Creating your own little paradise is not so hard to do. If you’ve got the backyard, all it takes is a little imagination and some elbow grease.


Your backyard can actually become somewhat of a “canvas” for that artistic side of you. With a little creative landscaping, and the addition of maybe some fountains, ornaments, a pond, gazebo, etc. you can really design something that is uniquely “you”.

For some wonderfully new original ideas in backyard and patio decorating you might want to skip the home & decorating magazines for a change and take a look at some of the ideas and options available on the internet. For instance, did you know you can actually transform your backyard into a magical wonderland complete with twinkling fireflies! It’s just one of the unique new lighting products featured on the internet. Talk about bringing a romantic, magical ‘ambiance’ to your backyard. Imagine using them to decorate a party! Your paradise can truly be a source of enjoyment to show and share with friends and loved ones.


Another one of the beauties of having and caring for a backyard is being able to truly connect with nature. You can’t get any closer than by growing and nurturing life itself. And what beautiful life you can nurture… lush ferns, colorful flowers, majestic trees, fragrant blossoms… the list goes on. Another feature is being able to watch all the wonderful creatures that your little Eden may also attract… birds, butterflies, bees, hummingbirds – and don’t forget those fireflies!

Donna Jeffries is a writer, producer and graphic artist, as well as an enthusiastic supporter and diligent researcher in the areas of natural health and the environment.

Her media credits include writing and producing “Hollywood Beat,” a cable TV show covering the film industry, as well as industrial video and commercial productions, and the writing of several feature films. Her graphic art work has ranged from creating logos to doing litigation graphics for high-profile, high-stakes trials across the country. She has been a member of the Sierra Club, World Wildlife Federation, and Greenpeace International, and has done volunteer work for Meals on Wheels, Concerned Animal Lovers and the H.O.P.E.S. organization. She blends her wide range of knowledge and unique talents to help educate others on important environmental and health issues.

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