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Backyard Ideas Without Grass

Having a backyard putting green truly is a dream come true for the devoted golfer. Imagine being able to just tee off whenever you want to, without going out or spending, since your turf is just right outside. But, as with everything in life, having your own backyard putting green has its downsides, especially if you chose to have real grass on your turf. Your area probably had to be redesigned to be able to accommodate your intended turf, particularly if you planned to have a spacious, real-grass putting green. And maintenance sure is a chore- if you don’t know what you’re doing. On the other hand, maintaining a healthy putting green is peanuts if you know what you need to achieve, what to do, and what to avoid.

Among the list of things-to-do to maintain a dense and vibrant backyard putting green is to mow very often, and regularly. Turf grass should be maintained at less than one-fourth of an inch. Anything taller and every swing will damage the turf, making it lumpy and uneven. It is highly recommended that you mow everyday or every other day, to keep the grass at a consistent height. One should also change the direction in which you mow the turf every so often. Daily mowing produces fine turf, without really hurting your grass. If you mow your grass too seldom and you suddenly trim it to such a low height, it would take off too huge a part of the grass and shock it, which could result to reduced root growth.

Proper irrigation is also a key factor in keeping your putting greens in top shape. Too much water can result to algae and fungus proliferation- not to mention that it’s no fun to play on soggy greens. Too little water, on the other hand, can create dry and lumpy grass. The amount of water that you give your grass would depend on what kind of grass it is, your soil infiltration, the kind of drainage that you have, and the weather that your area is currently having. If your soil absorbs and holds water well, you should only do moderate watering of your grass. Greens with poor drainage should be watered either slowly, or frequently. If your soil absorbs the water too quickly, leaving the roots dry, light and frequent watering should be done to your turf grass. Make sure to water your grass evenly all throughout to avoid lumping.

Most people believe that the secret to good turf grass is fertilization. To a certain extent, that is true. Fertilization does affect the grass’s growth rate, its density and its vibrancy. However, the idea of fertilizers is to supplement the necessary nutrients that the plant needs when the soil is inadequate. Too many nutrients in the soil, however, would produce grass that are too lush, when what you’d want for your greens is a dense coat. If you are really serious with keeping your putting green at par with golf course standards, have a soil test and plant tissue analysis done to help you know what your soil needs to sustain the kind of turf that you want. Same as with watering your grass, apply fertilizer evenly to produce even grass.

Cultivating your backyard putting green not only improves turf quality, but your putting quality as well. Cultivation practices such as brushing, and cutting (removing thatch, which is a layer of dead grass, and other debris at the bass of grass blades) improve the uniformity of your turf. Spiking and coring the greens eases crusting and soil compaction, and aerates your grass roots. It also softens the grass, which would translate to better ball holding turf. Topdressing (applying blended soil mixture on the grass surface) does all of the above. Basically, all of the tips given here are things that an avid gardener would do in his garden, only this time, the effort that you put in would not only improve the look of your lawn, but the practice of your sport as well.

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