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Backyard Ideas No Grass

Many people would first wonder why they should even bother landscaping their backyard. A plot of grass, a patio, and its all good to go. I’ve been in a lot of houses over time and have seen some truly spectacular backyards and some of the most barren plots of dirt you can imagine. The best looking backyards speak of nature and give a real impression of beauty and a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It’s no wonder why people go to parks to get away or take gardening as a hobby. It’s no wonder why people love flowers and pristine scenes of nature. Creating that in your backyard will bring a place of peace, and give you something to do in maintaining it.

On the flip side the worst backyards give an impression of negativity. How can one find peace or relax on a big patch of dirt? It looks like a desert. Writers and philosophers would associate a desert with loneliness and emptiness. The reasons can be many why a backyard is kept in a state of disarray. Time can be a problem in that the home owner is always busy and has no time. Perhaps this suggests someone who needs to take a vacation, or just some time off. It doesn’t take too long to plant a flower. Other times the home owner just doesn’t care. That’s alright because it’s their property to do with what they want. The simple fact is that it can be so much more; so much more inviting. The real benefit is that a beautiful backyard really adds to the value of the house too, so why would you not want to make it beautiful?

Ideas and designs are almost infinite. Less is more as some would say, so in the case of a smaller backyard a little grass, a few bushes, a patio and a retaining stone wall could be just fine. A larger backyard would call for more, but even then it doesn’t always take a lot. Our backyard is rather large by most suburban standards and it looks great. What all is there? A large grassy area, a cement patio, and an area circumventing the grass that is covered in an assortment of trees and bushes, not a lot mind you, but just enough to evenly space things out and make it look full, and lastly there is a gazebo which was there when we moved in.

If you’re serious about landscaping your backyard then take a moment and consider your options as to how to proceed. If money is no option you could hire a landscaper and go over ideas with them. Some of the best looking backyards I’ve seen have been professionally done and really add to the value of the property. If you’re on a budget than books are the best way to go. There are literally hundreds of books on the topic of landscaping. Stop at the library and borrow a few for the cost of nothing. Take out some writing supplies and take notes on what the books say. Consider your backyard and make a layout of what you would like and where to put it. Consider the terrain and where the best soil is and where the water would run too. A big thing to think about is what plants and trees you want to put back there. Not all plants are suited for all climates. Some plants will grow where others would quickly die.

Finally it’s time to do something with that blank cement patio. Simple ideas to start with include just getting a patio furniture set, and a fire pit. This creates an inviting place for family and friends to spend time outside enjoying each others company, while the warmth of the fire keeps people feeling comfortable and safe well into the night hours. Some people like to get fancy with their designs and this is where the fun begins. Always consider a budget before starting so you don’t get carried away. That cement patio can be turned into something truly wonderful to behold in a few key ways. First off, you can section off areas where you want to tear the concrete up and put plants there, then put a small stone wall around them. A cobble stone path would really create character and contrast in the most commonly traveled areas. And what guy wouldn’t want a built in outdoor barbecue? Create a common area by combining all these elements and if you want you can go one step further by surrounding this common area with a small wall that can double as a bench.

Ideas abound when it comes to landscaping. Don’t limit your imagination, only be limited by your budget. A well designed backyard can add so much to a home, and give you a hobby to spend your time with. When you look back at the end you’ll swell with pride at your accomplishment and you’ll always want to look out the window whenever you walk past to see what you did.

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