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Backyard Ideas For Kids

The holidays are here and it’s time to make your list for Christmas with gift ideas for kids. They aren’t that hard to buy for but it is getting more complicated due to the sheer amount of items one can purchase for the kids. Of course, the more gifts, the better the kids like them.

The first step is to find out what they want this year. They always want something but they do have something very special they want this year. Christmas gift ideas for kids can be anything from a small Lego kit to a full blown double seater electrical car.

Here the top 4 Christmas gift ideas for kids that have the music gene.

For the budding musicians, a Guitar Hero is the perfect gift. These are more than a fashion accessory; the kids can learn to play their favorite songs. They work with the Wii and PS2, plus they can do all the recording they want of their own songs.

Along with the Guitar Hero is the Roll Up Drum Kit for the drummer in the family. It comes with six sensor pads that easily plug into any computer via the USB ports. The software includes 48 different rhythms, and 8 special drum effects for the kids to make their own songs or add to existing songs. The Roll Up Drums can be taken anywhere they want to go, as long as there is electricity. Of course, they can take them on a camping trip to practice but unless they have a lot of batteries they won’t be able to hook up to a computer.

Another great Christmas gift idea for kids with a musical bent is the Musical Hands Mat. It can easily be roll up to take with them wherever they want to go. It has hand prints for the piano keys and features the sounds of a piano, bell, cat, and baby chicken. It also has 8 melodies they can play along with while they learn how to play the piano. Although, it’s designed for the little kids, bigger kids have been known to hog it.

Portable Roll Up Piano Keyboard is an actual piano keyboard for the older kids. They won’t have to hog the Musical Hands Mat, they can play the piano whenever they want. They can learn to play or practice on this unique gift for kids with musical genes. It fits into any backpack and runs on batteries so they can play it in the car, while camping or in the backyard with the band from the neighborhood.

Of course, there are many other great Christmas gift ideas for kids who love music. Finding the right one for your child is a challenge you’ll have to face.

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