Fabulous Backyard Houses 18 With Additional Interior Design Ideas For Home Design with Backyard Houses

Backyard Houses

Sure you already have some backyard house plans and you’re thinking about building a chicken coop but do you exactly know how and where to start? You should know that you need adequate space to keep every bird happy. 3 square foot per chicken is ideal. If you fail to comply with this, you’re increasing the risk of cannibalism and the spread of diseases. Another thing to remember when designing a chicken coop is its ventilation, it has to be dry at all times.

The food and water needs to be served fresh and that is if you want to harvest healthy and delicious eggs all the time. You also have to take into consideration temperature control and of course the worst nightmare we all want to avoid–predators.

Before drafting any backyard house plans, make sure you know the rules and regulations in your town when it comes to building chicken coops and caring for chickens. Some towns can only allow up to 5 chickens, no roosters though.

What are the parts that you have to build? Well the basics would include floor space, framing and nest boxes, roof, walls, doors and other finishing touches. For your roof, you can use a cupola. A cupola not only serves decorative purposes but it’s also a good way for air to vent out. It also prevents rain from getting in.

For the windows, make sure you make way for openings. These are important for heat control especially during the summer. Build your walls tight to keep out wind and drafts, this is equally important for winter cold control. What about your doors? You really don’t need a lot of doors. The main door (which you will use) and the small chicken door is actually what you just need to make. But then again you can always build cabinet doors and nest box doors. Your finishing touches will include the roost perch. This is where the chickens stay to sleep.

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