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Backyard House

If you have considered keeping chickens but are not sure about the best way in which to house them, building a backyard poultry coop really is the perfect solution in meeting you and your poultry’s needs and can be done with the minimum of fuss and effort on your part. You can provide more than adequate accommodation for your hens by choosing to build a backyard poultry coop over purchasing readymade housing.

To buy a readymade coop is the obvious, simple answer to house your chickens, but is it? Consider this, they tend to be very expensive to buy and you pay a hugely over inflated price for the minimal materials actually used in the construction. To buy the same amount of materials yourself from a DIY store would cost a fraction of the price.

So, why is it that you are paying so much money for not a lot of product? Basically, the manufacturers have realised that with the current renewed interest in keeping chickens that a quick fix on the poultry housing front was needed. It has taken the paying public time to catch on and see that you really can get better value for your money and far superior poultry housing by doing it all yourself.

You really cannot blame the manufacturer for wanting to make a fast buck but, you have to ask yourself, is it worth you parting with your hard earned cash investing in a product that cannot possibly cater for you or your chickens specific housing needs? Why should you compromise when you really do not have to?

The flexibility that you gain in building your hens backyard housing really should not be under estimated. After all, you know exactly how much space you have available to you and how to best use it to your advantage, areas of light and shade being taken into consideration for a start.

Your poultry can be susceptible to extreme temperature differences of heat and cold so, being able to provide the ventilation and lighting or, warmth and shade to suit is the sort of versatility that goes without saying.

You could incorporate any amount of ramps, walkways and perches to give your chickens the kind of stimulation that they need and you also have the flexibility to be able to extend your coop and run should you wish too.

The quality you desire throughout can be maintained with no problem what so ever, after all, you have ultimate control over where and how you source your materials, ensuring no damage or waste during construction with the other benefit of adding any finishing touches to make the coop unique.

So, by choosing a backyard poultry coop that you build yourself, you know that your hens will be housed in more than adequate accommodation that is suitable for their needs. You have complete peace of mind knowing that they will be as safe and secure in their environment that they possibly can be, with the added bonus that you have provided a backyard poultry coop that is going to be pretty much long term maintenance free because it is so durable and what could be more satisfying than that?

Building poultry coops can be simple and great fun when you are given the correct information. They are practical, easy to assemble and can save you a fortune.

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