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Backyard Hockey Rink

Hockey has always been twinned with the cold, long winter days. However, children all over the world enjoy playing this fast-paced, fun sport. One of the difficulties with playing ice hockey in some areas is getting time on the local rinks. If you happen to have a kid who dreams of becoming the next NHL star and you live in a climate that is cold at least part of the year, a backyard ice rink may be a perfect idea. Having an ice surface right outside the back door allows your little hockey player have all the practice time they want.

Backyard Ice Rink – the Idea

Years ago a lot of families had a sheet of ice in their yard. It was quite a simple construction. Once you have the snow smoothed out, a plywood would be placed around the perimeter of where the backyard ice rink would go and mom or dad would stand out in the freezing cold, watering the rink everyday. However, this approach also has flaws, the ice would ultimately be uneven and the boards were never good enough to stop a wayward skater. Instead the kids would normally plow right through the plywood or worst fly over top of it.

Fortunately, that’s all changed now. There are lots of companies that recognized the need for a kit that makes this job lighter. With a huge number of children becoming more interested in this sport, a backyard ice rink kit is the best idea. It contains detailed instructions along with all the supplies needed to construct a high quality skating surface right in your backyard.

One of the best things about buying one of these kits is that they give you the chance to make your rink look a bit professional. Which means you’ll have the same blue lines and goalie creases as the NHL players do. Granted, your backyard ice rink won’t be closely as big as the rink the big names play on, but it will surely help your child feel like a hockey super star.

Backyard Ice Rink – check out from your sport supply store

If there’s a nearby sport supply store in your neighborhood, stop by and see if they have kits. If they don’t, you can always find one online. It’s best to start planning about a backyard ice rink even before the snow falls so you can prepare the area.

You are likely to attract a lot of attention from the neighborhood once they find out about your yard transform into a hockey rink. Kids do sometimes get hurt when they are on skates so it might be a best idea to have the presence of their parents. Better yet, take it a step further and have all parents sign a waver before their child laces up their skates and step onto your backyard hockey rink. This way the only thing on everyone’s mind is how much they are enjoying.

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