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Backyard Gym

The average backyard comes equipped with many of the same things… namely a patio, grass, a few plants, and a pool if it’s feeling especially extravagant. But a backyard with a game court? Now that’s a yard of an entirely different sort. Game Courts of Michigan, an authorized Flex Court Dealer, invites you to make your backyard a gathering place for friends and family and a conversation piece for all with one of our versatile and durable sports surfaces. From basketball courts and tennis courts to roller hockey, badminton, gym flooring and more, we can install a permanent source of family fun that will have the added benefit of enhancing the value of your home.

The installation of one of our custom designed sports surfaces means that road trips to the local park or gym are instantly a thing of the past. Moving forward, the farthest commute you’ll experience in search of the games you love will be the one from couch to backyard. And once you get there you’ll experience the game on a unique surface made from built-in flexion and built to reduce stress and fatigue and prevent injuries. It’s a long way from the pounding you can expect from normal concrete pick-up courts, and with the increased traction you’ll also experience you can expect increased performance no matter which sport you pursue.

Game Courts of Michigan sports surfaces offer an intrinsic value that goes beyond amazing access to the games you love. Consider for a moment not only the unique aesthetic one will add to your home and backyard but also the added value it’s certain to bring. It’s safe to say that very few homes in your neighborhood or any other will be able to boast of such a unique and versatile basement area, and that means value no matter how you look at it. In this regard a sports surface from Game Courts is truly an investment, one that grows in equity both in terms of the quality of your family time and the value of your home moving forward.

Is your backyard suffering from the average blues? You can add a few more plants or sprinkle a little fertilizer to make the grass greener, but to truly shake things up it takes a bold step indeed. Sports flooring from Game Courts of Michigan provides a golden opportunity to make a statement that is certain to receive rave reviews from friends and family alike. Make the games you love a permanent part of the family and a centerpiece of your home.

Noah Teicher is the owner and operator of Game Courts of Michigan. They specialize in providing basketball flooring [] to make your court the perfect entertainment spot.

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