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Backyard Grill Thermometer

In addition to your grill (or assortment of grills if you are like me!), there are lot of accessories for sale to the backyard grilling enthusiast. Some items are indispensable, some items are nice-to-have, and other items are just made to be sold. This is my list of these items and my opinion as to where they belong on this list.


You can buy all sorts of fancy, gimmicky skewers for making kabobs. If you opt for a steel version, make sure the skewer is not round. It should be flat or have a flat side to keep food from spinning when moving or flipping. I personally prefer bamboo skewers for all my kebob-style cooking. I simply soak them in water for at least 30 minutes prior to food assembly to prevent them from burning on the grill. And I always use at least two per kabob; this allows me to easily turn, move and flip them without the food turning or slipping during the cooking process.


You cannot underestimate the usefulness of an accurate thermometer when grilling. And to have a complete outdoor cooker’s utensil kit, you have to have a couple of different types of thermometers.

If your grill did not come with a thermometer, get one! Keeping track of you grill’s temperature is a pre-requisite from moving from grill novice to an outdoor cooking pro. To perfect the cooking process, you have to know how hot (or cool) your grill is during the cooking process. If you grill does not have a thermometer opening, you can easily add one. Just drill out a half inch hole no lower than 2 inches from the top surface of your grill. Get a metal caplet insert from you local hardware store along with a grill thermometer. Drill a hole that is the same size and the thermometer probe. Insert the caplet into the hole you drilled and insert the probe of the thermometer. If you have a cooking occasion where you do not want to use the thermometer, simply remove the thermometer and insert a small ball of aluminum foil to fill the gap.

You also need to have an instant read thermometer. This will give you an immediate, no-guess temperature of your meats while they cook. This is indispensable for making sure that your meat are properly cooked, especially when dealing with pork or poultry that have minimum temperatures set for safe consumption.

One thermometer that I received one year as a gift and I considered just a whimsical addition to my utensil arsenal has become a mainstay that I cannot even consider what I would do if I had to do without it. That is a dual, remote thermometer. This thermometer has dual temperature probes so I can monitor two different things while cooking. Usually, I use one probe for the meat that is cooking and the other is inserted in my grill thermometer opening. Like I said, it is also remote. I can set the grill up, set the temperature, prepare and place the food, close the lid and go back inside with the remote unit. I can set it for a timed cook or I can set the alarm to alert me once a certain pre-set temperature is achieved. This is wonderful on a cool day, a rainy day or a hot summer’s day…or just when I want to catch the game on TV without missing anything. I can sit comfortably inside and monitor both the food’s cooking progress and monitor the grill temperature without having to expose myself to the elements.

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