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With it’s stylish design and it’s practical features, its no wonder Weber BBQ grills are the favorite BBQ grills amongst professional outdoor cooks and backyard grillers alike. What is it though, that makes the Weber BBQ grill so special? For that, we only have to look at the history of the Weber grill and the events that inspired it’s creation.

Back in 1952, 
George Stephen (Sr), who worked at, and was part owner of, the Weber Brothers Metal Works (a Chicago metal shop that specialized in creating customized designs for their clients), had a bad experience one day while grilling outdoors on an open brazier grill. It seems his frustration stemmed from his inability to control the flame.

This frustration inspired Stephen to create a grill that could be used properly even if the conditions outdoors weren’t optimum for grilling.

The Design 
of the most common model, the Weber grill 22.5 inch is a still a familiar descendant of the first design by Stephen. The original model was originally called ‘George’s Barbecue Kettle’ but his neighbors referred to it as ‘Sputnik” (the Russian name for the first satellite to orbit the earth), presumably because Stephen’s design resembled the first Russian satellite with it’s sphere shape and slim legged stance.

The shape of the first Weber grill was due in a large part to the materials that were available to Stephen at the Weber Brothers Metal Works. Stephen actually took the two halves of a buoy (that he would have normally welded together at his job for use in lake Michigan) and implemented one half to make up the kettle bottom and the other half made up the domed top. The new design proved to be a hit among Stephen’s family and friends who said it cooked the best BBQ they had ever tasted.

Stephen’s Weber Grills are more popular than ever. I really like the simple but effective design. The Weber is stylish and looks good on the patio or in the yard. It is rugged and stands up to years of use (I’ve had mine over ten years).

But most of all, the best feature of the Weber BBQ grill is the fun it brings to the neighborhood. Sometimes, even on weeknights, I will fire up the grill, throw on a couple of steaks, pop open a cold drink and relax in my lawn chair.

Dusk is my favorite time of day and the family inevitably gathers in the backyard lured away from the video games, HD-TV and computers by the intoxicating smell of the BBQ drifting from the Weber.

Often the neighbors will drop by with their own cooler of food and drinks and join the gathering. It’s a social thing and commonly ignored these days I’m afraid. That’s why I love my Weber grill. If you already own one then you completely understand what I mean when I say, “Weber BBQ Grills Cook Up Summertime Fun!”

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