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Backyard Grill Charcoal

Are you looking to buy a grill for your backyard? Before you do, you should do your research so that you get the best backyard grill for your money. The first thing you have to decide on is if you want a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Once you have established that, you can start looking around for the perfect backyard grill.

You will also need to decide on the size of grill you want and need. Are you looking for a large grill for your house in the backyard or are you looking for a smaller grill that you can take to your dorm or sorority house?

Figure out how much money you want to spend on a grill. Many times it is wise to spend a little more so you get an excellent product that will last for years. If you keep buying cheap grills, they will only fall apart. In the end you will find that you spent just as much for all of the cheap grills as you would have for one truly superb backyard grill.

The featured backyard grill is the Holland Grill Apex Backyard Grill. This grill is the very best Holland grill there is. You will have peace of mind knowing that this backyard grill comes with a 15-year Limited Warranty. There is an on and off valve which will help with cooking your food since there is no adjusting the temperature. You can enjoy yourself with your family and/or guests without having to worry about the grill temperature. You will enjoy the exclusive patented Holland System. This system has a drip pan that will bring out the flavor of your food. The drip pan also prevents flare-up of fire. Your grill will be extremely sturdy with the stainless steel grill body wrappers, support pillar and side shelf brackets. A stainless steel flame deflector is included as well as an aluminum drip pan. The cast-aluminum body end panels are powder-coated black so that they will last for many years. The cast iron burner is heavy-duty and it is guaranteed for the entire life of the grill. The stainless steel grid is also guaranteed for life of the grill and will not rust, it is easy to clean and it helps to prevent food particles from falling through and making a mess. The steel base is heavy-duty aluminized and is also powder-coated black.

If you have a big family or entertain frequently this backyard grill is perfect as it will hold four chickens or two turkeys. When you need to fire up your grill it is simple as this grill has a spark igniter. Fabulous NuStone side shelves don this grill. There is a handy smoke drawer to add wood chips and other products to get that delicious smoky flavor. There is a utensil holder for your convenience. When you want to steam food you can close the valve, add water to your drip pan and you are ready to go. High quality heavy-duty wheels and casters are included as well. Start grilling today with your phenomenal Holland Grill Apex Backyard Grill.

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