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Backyard Grill 2 Burner Cart Gas Grill

Made usually form stainless steel, a Thermos Gas Grill is a grilling unit that comes with a console on the front for access and burner on the side for more efficient burning. These grills are moderately priced and are excellent for indoor and outdoor grilling applications.

Standard Thermos Gas Grill

Most of these thermos gas grills are made from stainless steel and the design varies form brand to brand. Many of these grills come with four burners. The smaller versions come with two burners. The total burning power is 40,000/20,000 BTU for these versions and the burners are usually independently controlled. Many models also come with a side burner of a 12,000 BTU. They are a boon for indoor kitchens. The side burner however, cannot be used simultaneously with the main burners since it locks itself when the main burners are working. This is a safety feature and cannot be overridden.


A thermos gas grill can be a good addition to your kitchen or backyard, especially so, if you play the host frequently. Most models are easy to maintain and would remain shiny and intact even after years of use. Maintaining these burners is very easy and the primary function of maintenance here is to keep the grill and the burners clean. Wiping the exteriors of your thermos gas grill can go a long way in keeping the shine intact. The grill should be kept covered when not in use so that it is not exposed to other weather elements. The only flip side in this case would be that the hood could become discolored over prolonged use due to its exposure to high temperatures.

Measurements And Standard Features

A standard thermos gas grill measures about 30 inches (width) by 25 inches (deep) and is around 2.5 to 3 feet tall. Many models come with magnetic doors which hide the propane tank. The propane tank is of 20 pound capacity but can vary depending on the brand. No trays will be required but some models do come with trays to store accessories. The cooking surfaces are normally porcelain coated to facilitate good heat transfer. The grill is normally made out of cast iron for the same purpose. The standard thermos gas grill is normally mounted on a cart with wheels and can be moved around a fair bit. Most models come with handles to facilitate this movement.

Many models of thermos gas grills come fitted with utensil hooks. These hooks give you the advantage of hanging your utensils instead of running around and fetching whenever required. The console cabinet also consists of a shelf where one can store the required tools. Many models of thermos gas grills also have side shelves providing space to store marinades, plates or whatever is required depending on what you are grilling.

A standard thermos gas grill comes with controls on the front console making for easy access and visibility. The control knobs are usually spring loaded and you would need to press them before turning, enhancing safety so that they do not turn while moving or by accident.

All in all a thermos gas grill is a good cooking accessory to have if you are a food connoisseur or even remotely party-crazy. To learn more about Thermos Gas Grills [http://www.outdoorgasgrills.org/Thermos_Gas_Grills.htm] and other type of gas grills visit: [http://www.outdoorgasgrills.org]

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