Beautiful Backyard Greenhouses 64 With Additional Home Interior Design Ideas with Backyard Greenhouses

Backyard Greenhouses

If you are the kind of person who is fascinated by greenery, constructing a greenhouse in your backyard is a fun and productive way of spending your time. A greenhouse is more than just a convenient place to do your gardening. It can be a scenic getaway in close proximity to your home where you can withdraw from the pressures of life and take time to recollect your thoughts in a healthy environment. The beauty with building the backyard greenhouse yourself is seeing something move from a concept in your mind to a tangible green oasis.

There are five key factors that you must take into consideration when constructing a backyard greenhouse:

a. Type – The four most common greenhouse types are mini, lean-to, hoop and Victorian. Like its name implies, the mini greenhouse requires very little space. It can easily be positioned on a deck or patio and would thus be ideal for persons that do not have a yard. The Lean-to greenhouse works best in small yards, draws its structural support from the main house and can in fact use the services from the house with minimal or no extension. The hoop greenhouse is cheap to build and easy to maintain while the Victorian is energy efficient and has great ambiance.

b. Space – If you do not have a large backyard, the space you have will determine the greenhouse design that will be most practical. The type of plants you intend to grow will also play a part in determining your choice of greenhouse. If the plants are expected to be tall, then the structure must have a high enough roof to accommodate them.

c. Building material – You can make substantial maintenance cost savings by simply choosing the right building material for your greenhouse. The best material for your greenhouse is a factor of the climactic conditions in your area. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences long or harsh winters, PVC would be a poor choice for greenhouse structure because of its low capability at retaining heat. In this case, a wooden greenhouse would work better and be cheaper to maintain.

d. Weather – What happens outside the greenhouse is just as important (and somewhat determines) what happens within the greenhouse. Length and severity of seasons, frequency of rain and snow, peak and floor temperatures et cetera. Your decision should be based on an aggregated score of each design in the context of the local weather patterns.

e. Budget – A good greenhouse will cost you so preparing a budget well in advance is crucial. That does not mean you have to break the bank. It is not impossible to have a functional greenhouse at a reasonable cost. When preparing your budget, start by outlining how much you have to spare for the project in initial construction and subsequent maintenance costs. Compare this with the cost of maintaining an equal sized/design greenhouse kit. If the cost of the kit is less than the cost of putting up a greenhouse yourself, then building the backyard greenhouse yourself is not feasible.

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