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Backyard Greenhouse Plans

There are many advantages to having your own personal greenhouse out back. It enables you to grow delicious fruits, vegetables, and flowers all year round. You can save hundreds of dollars by taking a DIY approach to greenhouse construction. This article outlines the different greenhouse styles, and directs you to the right backyard greenhouse plans.

Greenhouse Styles And Designs

There are quite a few different ways to approach building a greenhouse. Most hobby gardeners won’t require anything that’s too large, nor will they have the space. However, some people want to have a backyard greenhouse in order to feed their family, or even to sell produce. Below is a list of the most common greenhouse designs.

1) The Victorian Greenhouse – This is a large, traditional greenhouse. It looks much like a house, with 4 straight walls and an angular roof. Inside are normally sets of long benches for seedlings, plants, and other flora. This design is for serious gardeners!

2) The Portable Greenhouse – If you’re looking to build something that you can move from place to place, this one is for you. You’ll be able to keep an assortment of plants, but it’s generally not used to grow produce. Attach some wheels to make it very maneuverable.

3) The Lean-To Greenhouse – Most backyard greenhouse plans will include this type of design. It’s a great option if you’ve got limited space on your property. It generally needs to lean against something solid, like your house, or even a fence.

Of course, there are plenty more greenhouse styles, but we’ll be here all day if we went through them all!

Basic Construction Materials

All DIY greenhouses require some basic materials. Generally the framing is built from wood or PVC. As far as walls go, the most effective materials are glass, polyethylene, and cloth. All good quality building plans will explain how these materials use solar energy to warm your plants. You will be able to buy all materials a lot cheaper than if you bought a pre-built greenhouse or kit.

If you’re serious about building your own greenhouse, check out this DIY Greenhouse Plans [] website now. Inside you’ll find an assortment of easy to use backyard greenhouse plans [].

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