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Backyard Granny Pods

An Ideal Solution For The Sandwich Generation

The Sandwich Generation is those adults dithering between caring for their parents and their children. If you belong to the 44 million adults of this generation, it’s good news that the kit homes sector has designed the “granny pod”. A granny pod or a granny flat is a modular residence you can build in your backyard so that your Mom and Dad can stay in the premises of your home as they age and need medical care and attention. Prefab granny flats are a smart and inexpensive alternative to putting your elderly parents in a nursing home.

Prefab granny flats are a relatively recent development in housing and homebuilding, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Seventy percent of people aged 65 years and older will require long- term care and assistance at some point, according to a 2012 survey conducted by the Genworth insurance agency. Benefit claims in the said company indicates that 2/3 of their members paid for home health care, signifying that these people prefer to be cared for in their own residences.

Benefits Of An Elderly Modular Home

Granny pods are designed with optimum functionality and convenience for the occupants. As a modular home, a prefab granny flat can be attached temporarily or permanently to the main residence. Maximizing space, the pod has a bedroom, a living area, a bathroom and a kitchen.

A modular home is more preferable than a nursing home because the elderly feels closer to their family and thus reducing their risk of depression. Their adult children, residing in the main home keeps their sense of independence, privacy and security, and at the same time have peace of mind because their elderly parents live a few steps away.

How Much Do You Need To Invest?

Precisely how much do you need to invest in a prefab granny flat? The price starts at $60,000 for a 288 sq. foot unit, currently marketed as a nursing home alternative. From there, you can choose bigger and more elegant designs.

Home building companies offer a wide variety of prefab and customized prefab homes. When you purchase, the kit home can be delivered to your property in one week. A modular kit home is a smart investment, an undoubtedly cost- effective option to care for elderly relatives, costing to only half the amount of yearly expenses at a nursing home.

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