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Backyard Golf Hole

We stopped playing football and started playing backyard golf as our Thanksgiving Morning ritual. It’s a lot easier on your body and typically no one gets hurt – other than pride.

My home course look like this:

  • Three CCE Golf Mats are used as the tee-boxes
  • A synthetic golf putting green (with 4 holes)
  • Limited flight birdieballs for tee-shots

With 3-tee boxes and 4-holes we never play the same hole in a nine hole match.

You get plenty of real world putting practice. As you can imagine the competition gets heated and there can be a lot of pressure on a knee knocking 3 foot putt. And the green is small so if you miss the green on your tee shot you have a delicate chip to hold the green.

Now I have to admit that my set-up may be a little over top, but I’m in the industry and need to test out new golf mats and putting turf as we are in development. But you can start small – maybe with a golf practice mat and a few targets out in the backyard. You could make a game of it by scoring points for closest to the pin (or target bucket, flower pot, or plant stake). By practicing chipping to various distances your short game is sure to improve.

Once you get started I’m sure that your home course backyard golf facility will continue to expand until one day you may have your very own Turkey Day Nine-Hole Skins Tournament. Jay R. McGrath inventor of The Real Feel Golf Mat(tm) lets you swing down and through the ball for realistic practice.

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