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Backyard Gazebo Ideas

If you have been considering and are working towards the improvement and enhancement of the look, feel and functionality of your garden, the idea of purchasing a gazebo comes naturally. One important thing to consider though, is how to properly secure your backyard gazebo so it is stable and safety is maintained a high level, as well as reducing damage to the structure itself.

There are two options here — bolting it down or securing it to concrete footings. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that your gazebo has enough weight to keep it from moving around. Even the heaviest types are exposed risk of movement so you would be better of if it’s fastened down.

Bolting a gazebo down is simple enough, but it is not always practical, especially if you’re putting it over pavers or similar type of floor. Without solid foundation and in the case of strong winds it would not only mess up your pavers but also present the risk of knocking over the whole structure.

With concrete footings there is no such danger. Of course it takes more initial work, but you can just forget about it once it’s done. The procedure is not so complicated than it’s time consuming.

  • first of all, make sure you remove any pavers from where the gazebo posts are to set in.
  • dig holes for the footings at those places, make them deep enough so they’re about 1/3rd of the gazebo’s own height.
  • pour in the prepared concrete mixture and secure the posts to the footings.
  • after the concrete hardens, cut out pavers to put back around the posts.

It sounds simple but you have to consider carefully the proper width and depth of the footings and also make sure the ground is uniform and stable at all posts spots. Most gazebo companies provide their own securing service and if you don’t feel confident that you can do it yourself, don’t hesitate to rely on them. It may cost you more but safety comes first.

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