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Backyard Gate

Imagine going around your farm and never having to worry about a gate. You open it, go through and then watch as it automatically closes itself again. No muss, no fuss. The best part is this invention doesn’t have to be plugged in and does not run on batteries. It is safe to use anywhere, on any gate. But how does it work?

The spring gate closer is a simply designed object that is a spring shape with an attached arm that comes out of the top. It comes in three different sizes to work with any size or weight gate you have, from ordinary pool or backyard gates to huge wooden ranch gates, and anything between.

Installation is easy, you simply take the fence front off and place the spring on the gate pole, then re-attach the gate front. The closer is now ready to go. The closer can be adjusted for more or less time it takes to close each time, and will work with the natural swing of the gate, no matter which way it goes. The arm of the spring serves as the stopper, and sits alongside the fencing until you go to open the gate again. The spring is made of strong, durable powder coated steel that will withstand the elements while it continues to do its job, time after time.

This is a great invention if you own a ranch or farm and have livestock that must be kept safe in designated areas. It is also a great item for the family who wants their young children to stay in the backyard to avoid getting into unsupervised trouble. It is also a wonderful thing to put on your pool gate for added security. In short, any gate you own will benefit from a spring gate closer.

We all know that animals and children are curious creatures who like the chance to explore. If left with an open gate, most will make the most of it and go out into the world. For a rancher this may mean that he loses some heads of cattle or they get injured or even die while they are out roaming. Children left unsupervised can get to other places very fast and make it that much difficult for parents to know where they are. Having a gate closer on all of your gates takes that guesswork out of your day, you never have to worry if you’ve closed the gate and you children and livestock will always be where they should be.

A spring gate closer will take the guesswork out of remembering to close a gate. It will do so automatically whether you are standing right there or not. This invention can be a lifesaver for a rancher or parent who needs to know where their cattle and children are at all times. To see this amazing product, please go to our website at

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