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Backyard Garden Plans

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First start out with a good plan for your gardening project. How much sun and shade does your garden area have? Don’t overlook the type of soil conditions you are working with…does it drain easily or does it get soggy quickly? You will need to prepare your soil type prior to planting.

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As you consider your plant selection, remember in sheltered areas with low sun exposure, shade type of plants will do better. On the other hand keep in mind that drought resistant plants love the sun and even the shade too. For poorly drained areas you can plant swamp type plants.

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In order to have a healthy garden your soil should be slightly acidic but then some plants also require an alkaline soil for survival. You can easily determine the ph balance of your soil by doing a soil test. Kits are available and it is very easy to do so don’t overlook this important tip.

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Have you organized your garden ideas in some type of design landscape or layout that you modify? Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be fancy! Organizing and grouping your plants and flowers is an important decision in beautifying your garden. Arrange your colors so that they flow and look natural. Depending on your goal just layout your color scheme on a piece of paper so that you will have an idea on how to proceed. It’s easier to change on paper than it is after you have planted.

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Although you’ve organized your garden on paper now its time for the moment of truth to really test your designer eye. While leaving your plants and flowers in the pot, set them in position according to your drawing. Does this rough layout look to be the same as on your plan? If not, move them around…experiment by moving them about until your are satisfied with the look.

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As you view the color combinations in your garden palette, pay particular attention to color and texture clashing. Trust your visual instinct, it will tell you whether your layout will work or get a second opinion. Also be aware of the blooming cycle of your plants as each will bloom at different times. Don’t forget that foliage plays an important part of your choices as they can have colors ranging from silver, gray and purplish and can add that extra essence of beauty to your garden.

One other final note in how to plan a backyard garden; keep your plants, if possible away from trees as their roots will absorb rob the moisture from your plants and flowers. As you can see, if you apply good planning you will be on your way to guaranteeing a beautiful garden for all to enjoy. And that’s how you plan a backyard garden.

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