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Backyard Fountains

Backyard water fountains always seemed both extravagant and elegant to me. Putting a water fountain in your front yard is ostentatious. Most water fountain homes are extremely expensive, so putting a prominent water feature up is usually a way of showing off how much money you have to spend. A backyard fountain, however, is more private. It is not that the neighbors can not see backyard fountains, but they certainly are not put there for display. When you build a fountain backyard, you simply put it there for your own private contemplation, and as such it is much more tasteful.

When I first decided to put in a backyard water feature, my wife thought I was being silly. She had seen many backyard fountain displays, and most of them looked pretty tacky to her. They usually involve something silly like a little cherubic angels dumping water from a pail continuously, or a crocodile spitting up. She could not figure out why I would want this kind of backyard fountain. When I told her what I had in mind, however, she changed her opinion.

I almost decided to build it as an indoor water fountain. You see, it was very small and very subtle. The backyard fountain was not going to be one of those great big things. It only used about a gallon a day, and it could be run off of a single solar panel. Basically, the backyard fountain was little more than a tiny pool with a trickling waterfall at the top. It was made out of blue tile and meant to make the quietest of trickling noises.

The backyard fountain would not have worked in many neighborhoods there would have been too much background noise to really enjoy its quite sound. Where we lived, however, it was absolutely perfect. It was still a somewhat rural and undeveloped area, so there would be almost no sound to disturb the backyard fountain except for the chirping of crickets.

Although the solar powered fountain does not have that much of an effect on the yard as a whole, when you sit near it, it really calms you. I like to sit by the backyard fountain and use it as an aid to meditation. The quiet trickling sounds, and the look of the water flowing always soothe me. It cost me very little to design and build that backyard fountain, and I have gotten a great deal of joy of it.

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