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Backyard Designs Ideas

Do you want your backyard to be a class apart? Are you ready to modify the look of your backyard with some completely unique and interesting design ideas? If your answer to these questions is an affirmative ‘yes’, then this article is certainly made for you.

Creativity is all that is required to transform a regular looking backyard into a mesmerizing heaven. With some amazing backyard design ideas, you can craft a backyard of your dreams! Here are some of the uncommon ideas that can help you to make your backyard a centre of attraction:

Backyard design idea #1: Bamboo garden

Going for bamboo gardens can be a very good option as they will remain beautifully green throughout the year. You will not have to worry about their maintenance as their color will never fade out, their leaves will not wither off frequently, and they will not pose frequent trimming hassles.

Bamboo gardens, with their unique look, are sure to attract people’s attention. Further, they can always add a fun element in your life. When bamboos grow to a good enough height, you can cut them and make a variety of stuffs using their stem.

Backyard design idea #2: Bonsai garden

The concept of Bonsais has originated from Japan. They are also termed as miniature masterpieces. A Bonsai is an ornamental tree or shrub with a much stunted growth than normal. A Bonsai garden is a very rare thing to be seen, and so it is sure to attract much attention of your neighbors and friends.

Bonsais can be grown in small pots and so you do not need a larger area for such gardens. However, these gardens require special care as bonsais are a little more sensitive when compared to other trees and plants.

Backyard design idea #3: Feng-shui based garden

Feng-Shui concept has originated from China. Chinese gardens are based on the art-form called Shan Shui (which means mountain-water). Thus, feng-shui style backyards incorporate two energies – Shan (mountain) and Shui (water).

Backyard design idea #4: Foliage garden

Have you ever thought of adding colors to your garden without using flowering plants? Well, foliage gardens come with this option. These are flowerless gardens (though not colorless), and demand very low maintenance. The plants which are used in foliage gardens are full of colors – golden yellow, wine red, silvery gray, cool blue, etc.

Regular flowering plants give your garden a colorful look only in their blossoming season. When the blossoming season of these flowers is gone, your garden is left with an empty and faded look.

Foliage gardens resolve this problem. These plants fill colors in your backyard throughout the year. Further, they come in a variety of interesting shapes and textures, which adds on to the beauty of your backyard.

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