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Backyard Deck Ideas

So you’re thinking of building a deck, but don’t have a clue where to start? Don’t feel bad most people haven’t got the foggiest idea what is involved when building a deck. After all it is a big undertaking that will affect the look of your property in an area that everyone will see.

Try not to get overwhelmed, I know it can seem quite daunting at first.

Start by assessing your yard and house to see where the best place to build it would be. Do you want it as a standalone or attached to a building. Each has its own set of problems you need to address. Another area to think about is what the primary use of the deck is going to be.

If it is to extend your dining area then placing it outside of the kitchen or dining room would be your best bet. If you plan on using it to entertain friends attaching it to your living room might be a better option.

You will also need to take into consideration the type of weather you’re going to have to endure and what times of year you’ll want to use your deck the most. A north facing deck would be great for hot summer days, but not so good on cooler days.

A south facing one will be hotter, but is usually your best option because it is easier to shade yourself than it is to create heat. In the end your choice should ultimately reflect on the best access to the use of your deck.

When it comes to designing your deck you want it to be a complement to your home and should be relative in size to it. A good rule of thumb to go by is making your deck about the same size as the largest room in your home.

A deck can range in size to include a hot tub or a gazebo, but it may be too much for a beginner handyman to build a sophisticated deck with all the trimmings and you might want to stay with the basics and add to it as you get more skills.

Whatever you decide before you begin building your foundation it is important to check the local building laws to see what you may need to do or if you require a building permit. It’s not uncommon for the building inspector to want detailed blueprints before they will give you a permit.

Once your deck design has been approved by your local building inspector and you have your permit you can start with the work. It takes some skills at this point and getting a do-it yourself manual would be a wise choice. They are the best tool to have in your arsenal when tackling any big job like this and will go a long way when you run into trouble.

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