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Backyard Covered Patio Ideas

You can add value and beauty to your yard by putting up a patio cover over it. Patio ideas enjoy great popularity with most householders because they serve to provide an extra space for seating guests and chilling out in the evenings. If you too love to spend leisure time in the garden, make the most of it by looking up a guide to select the best patio cover.

Patio covers could be shaped either as extensions of your main roof or a separately attachable structure. Their chief purpose is to shade you from the sun in the hotter months when you want to sit outdoors. They also provide protection against sudden bursts of rain when your guests are enjoying themselves in a backyard party.

Things to bear in mind while shopping

You must know the basic about patio ideas while looking for the right shade for your garden. First of all, decide how much coverage you want from sunlight. Secondly, the patio cover you are opting for must go along the style of your house. Thirdly, it must also match the theme of your garden.

It is not wise to shield off the entire sunlight from your garden area. So, opt for weatherwood slats that are perfect for partial coverage. For full coverage, regular roofing is a better idea. If you have to match the patio cover as an extension of your roof, it must be made from the same material and color.

How different covers help to makeover your garden

Insulated patio covers are best for winters because these have the capacity to bear heavy snow load. When erected with weatherwood post and beam constructions, these are also best for tackling heavy downpours. Generally these insulated covers come with a warranty against paint peeling, chipping, fading and discoloring.

It is easy to add style to efficiency. A metallic patio cover with floral design is very romantic while sunny shades of patio combined with outdoor umbrellas bring in a beach resort look. Similarly, you can enhance the look of your garden by touching up your lawn with colorful rocks, pebbles and a matching patio cover. You could build up a series of stone steps leading to the patio for a more authentic feel.

How to go creative with patio designs

If you are the experimental sort, apply your creativity in self-designing a cover. In case the cover is meant to stand as a separate structure, follow your garden theme for selecting the right patio ideas. The garden theme may include articles like outdoor furniture and flooring material etc.

You can hang potted plants to your patio and add a few padded chaise lounges or a separate couch to relax in. You can compliment the greenery of the garden by even fixing up a fountain in your yard. Not only will it cool off the luxurious ambiance but also shut off traffic noises. Now-a-days, covers are available in a range of attractive designs that you could improvise further. You simply need ample time, budget and the right design ideas for such experimentation.

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