Elegant Backyard Cottage 82 With Additional Home Interior Design Ideas with Backyard Cottage

Backyard Cottage

A backyard should be used as a pleasant evening retreat, a place to grow beautiful flowers, a place to watch a sunrise or sunset, and as a gathering place for family and friends. For those who long for a nostalgic western style outdoor experience or for those who love a mountain cabin type atmosphere, there is a large selection of rustic backyard furniture to help create the perfect outdoor retreat.

First of all, this is a really great theme because of the nostalgia and mood it creates. How many of us have fond memories of rustic locations? Whether you went camping with your family as a child, fishing with grandpa, or spent your summers at the family cabin in the mountains, you have these memories and happy feelings associated with this theme. It should be wonderful to know that you can recreate those feelings and memories in your own back yard. You can install that sense of peace and nature for your children.

Cedar and teak are two of the more popular types of rustic furniture for outdoor use. For a western style backyard retreat, some natural cedar chairs, tables, and benches are a good starting point for your outdoor design. Wagon wheel benches, chairs and tables are a unique choice and they can easily become the focal point of the exterior room design. Once the furniture has been selected and put in place in the yard, there are numerous accessories that can be added to accentuate the western design. Cowboy hats, boots, horse related items, fishing pails, natural wood accent pieces, and the fabric choices for chair cushions and pillows all work together to create a western designed backyard retreat. Container gardening with barrels and sunflowers will also add some natural color to your theme. A fire pit is an excellent addition to a rustic themed backyard and can be used to roast hot dogs and marshmallows giving your family hours of enjoyment.

For a totally different use of wooden backyard furniture, a cottage themed back yard design can be created. Adirondack chairs can be combined with Adirondack style tables as the basis for a beach cottage back yard design. The chairs can be painted in the same bright colors as the cottages lining a coastal shoreline or can be left as the natural wood. Beach themed accessories; including firepots, seashells, and sand make the back yard feel like a coastal cottage retreat.

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