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To avid backyard gardeners, backyard compost bins can become a rewarding hobby that is purpose-driven! Many avid composters reap the best benefits for their gardens, whether growing vegetables, herbs or flowers. The rich soil you eventually produce will make your plants grow faster and healthier. It can take a few months for the composting process to get started, but once it does, you just keep adding kitchen and yard waste to keep the cycle going. If you want to start your own backyard compost bins, you need a few table scraps and the proper containment, but there are several different types to consider.

You can make bins from simple materials you find around the house and use everyday ingredients to put into the pile, such as kitchen scraps, lawn leaves and grass clippings, along with small branches or twigs, because they provide the most fertile material for your backyard compost bins. To get started, you need any kind of organic material that can be broken down by decaying. Backyard compost bins can be an easy way to convert your household waste into something usable.

You need moisture, air and organic matter, along with a little bit of time to form the bacteria and organisms that are required to break down the materials. To start backyard compost bins, you need to occasionally stir the pile. Make sure they are far enough away from your home, to avoid unpleasant smells! There are several types of backyard compost bins to consider:

• Low-maintenance holding units are perfect for those that don’t have enough space for larger backyard compost bins. They are smaller, self-contained units you can purchase and set out on your deck. The main disadvantage to them is that it takes longer for the composting process to break down the matter. You can expect anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, mainly because they lack the aeration of a larger outdoor pile. 
• Portable bins might be the solution for people that need portability because they are renting their home or apartment. They are similar to the holding unit-style bins in that they offer portability because they can be taken apart and moved. You can stir this compost, so it allows for quicker breakdown. 
• Turning units provide aeration and have less of an odor problem. Because these backyard compost bins or structures will rotate, they cost a little more, but some people build their own. Typically, they are a barrel or round, cage-like structure that can be turned with a handle to rotate or stir the materials. 
• Making your own backyard compost bins can be easy with natural features, such as trenches or a sunken area for heaps, where you throw materials and stir with a rake, for aeration. Sheet composting can be done in the fall by spreading your leaves over your garden area and by spring, they are decomposed enough to work into your soil.

These are just a few of the ideas for backyard compost bins, but there are ready-made units you can purchase or plans to build your own. They can be as structured or simple as you like, but the more you garden, the more you will love making your own compost!

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