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If you are considering building a small backyard chicken coop, make sure you understand some important steps before you take the hammer out. Proper planning will eliminate any problems in the future and make the experience of raising backyard chickens a pleasant one! So make sure you can answer these common questions before you begin:

Step 1 
Your first should be to determine what breeds of chickens you are planning on raising. Ask yourself what do you hope to gain from raising backyard chickens? If it’s eggs, determine which breed produces the most eggs. If you want to be able to get in the coop and play with your chickens, determine which breed has the kinder more gentle personality.

Step 2 
Determine how many chickens you plan to house. This will make a great difference in determining how large your coop will be and where to locate it in your backyard. A good idea is to always begin by building your small backyard chicken coop larger than you need. You never know how much your going to love this new adventure and want to increase the amount of chickens you are housing.

Step 3 
Plan out a good design. Backyard coops can be purchased fully built, not assembled, or plans can be purchased online and printed off easily. A good plan will make cleaning easier, collecting eggs a breeze and offer suggestions on everything from floor covering to predator control.

Once you have figured out these 3 steps everything else will come easy. Building a small backyard chicken coop is a fun experience for the entire family and everyone can get involved. If you have decided that you want to purchase a already built one, that’s great because all the work is done for you and you don’t even have to worry about this stuff, but if you choose to build your own, more power to you! You can do it easily over a weekend and can save a lot money doing it yourself.

Some money saving advice:

Use recycled materials 
Borrow tools from neighbors and friends 
Shop the sales

Congratulations on your new adventure and have fun with it. Raising backyard chickens is a very rewarding adventure, and certainly one you won’t regret!

Check out Building a Small Backyard Chicken Coop for more ideas and more information on raising chickens. Or check out Chicken Coop Kits here.

Check out Building A Small Backyard Chicken Coop [] for more ideas and more information on raising chickens. Or check out Chicken Coop Kits [] here.

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